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About Us


To be a Presbyterian is first to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ.

Presbyterians are part of the Protestant tradition. We identify with the Protestant Reformation’s affirmations of salvation by God’s grace alone, through faith in Jesus Christ alone and we rely on Scripture alone as our rule of faith and life. We live out these affirmations by honestly acknowledging our sinfulness and our need God’s gracious forgiveness. We encourage one another to grow in faith by extending grace and forgiveness to each other and by applying biblical principles to our daily living in the church and in the world. Presbyterians are guided by our Book of Confessions, which is comprised of Christian creeds written between the 4th Centry and 1991.

Presbyterian government is ordered in such a way as to share power and responsibility among elders and ministers of Word and Sacrament. From the local church session to the national Presbyterian General Assembly, there is an elective process which assures that Presbyterians are governed by their membership.

Presbyterian churches are covenant communities of faith. Faith is not an individual experience for us, but one that is lived out in fellowship with other believers. This is also acknowledged in our larger church government, which connects us to Presbyterians regionally and nationally and in the broader, worldwide ecumenical community of Christians.

In the local church, faith is nurtured and gifts for ministry are discovered and exercised. We show our commitment to God and to community in our worship, especially in our sharing of the sacraments. Our service, prayer, study and fellowship further exemplify our community life.