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Worship & Music

We gather for worship each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. When you come, you can expect to be greeted outside the sanctuary and receive a bulletin that outlines our service. Our service includes prayer, scripture readings and music. Pastor Connie’s message each week focuses on understanding God’s truth from the Bible and applying that truth to our daily lives.

Our worship style is more traditional, with some more modern elements often included. We are led in singing by our choir, which also offers special music. You don’t need to worry about knowing the words. They are projected on a screen in the front of the sanctuary. Our worship service lasts about an hour.

There is always a nursery for young children, located just outside the sanctuary door. Sunday School is offered for Children 5 and over and a lively children’s lesson is offered for all during the service. After the children’s lesson, elementary and older aged children are encouraged to stay with their parents and learn more about God and the teachings of the Bible.

We would be delighted to welcome you to worship this Sunday!
WPPC Worship and Music